Natural Flavours

natural-flavours1Natural flavours and ingredients are derived from the best sources to create exciting natural flavours. The Product Makers are dedicated to provide complete natural flavour solutions to respond to the increased demand for natural and authentic products.

 In today's health dominant market, consumers are not just seeking convenience but more importantly a healthier lifestyle.  Following these global trends many are taking the leap into,

"Natural Flavours" a "Healthier Choice"

Flavour ingredients are constantly changing. The Product Makers are dedicated to assess new ingredients that will benefit the flavour enhancement in manufactured products. Our creations team is committed to explore and harness these intangible properties of nature and transform them into healthy products where consumers can benefit.

The Product Makers team is at the forefront of flavour creation by monitoring global market requirements. Label reading consumers are moving towards natural ingredients and clean labeling. We have responded by creating a comprehensive range of natural flavours from the most familiar to the most exotic.

  • Comprehensive range of innovative natural flavours - Suitable for all food categories.
  • Application and development support - With our in house flavour specialists and technologists.
  • Cost effectiveness - A tailor made plan, designed to deliver perfect flavour solutions efficiently.
  • Highest quality - The collaboration of our technologists and application experts guarantee the performance standards and consistency of natural flavour profiles.
  • Creative innovations - Close association with customers and understanding of their unique requirements.
  • Reliable and flexible service - Well integrated processes in place and strong leadership.
  • A team committed to customer satisfaction - Long term relationship committed to customer satisfaction.

Natural flavours are created using ingredients that are sourced entirely from natural sources.  Essential oils and extracts are primary ingredients for these flavours.  They are supplemented by a vast array of other ingredients that are derived from foods entirely by physical means.

The cornerstone of TPM's natural philosophy is commitment to technological innovation and creations from fairly sourced and traded natural materials.