Health & Wellness

Flavours to support healthier living with growing interest in "wellness". Consumers do not want to compromise on flavour but seek products that offer anti aging, beauty, health, convenience and environmental benefits.

  • Consumers looking for Food Minus Claims (low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, free from additives/preservatives, low calorie)
  • Consumers also looking for Food Plus Claims (fortification with vitamins, minerals and other functional)
  • Other trends include high in fibre, natural, organic, gluten free,  low GI, premium and indulgent, super fruits

The Product Makers focus on developing solution systems,
taste delivery and nutrition.

Reduced sugar/sodium, marketing to children, organic/functional foods, obesity and issues around health and wellness are shaping up as critical challenges.

Proactivity towards health and wellness initiatives for products with beneficial nutrients as consumers are concerned with aging, obesity and illness.