Innovative Trends

Flavours that motivate the creation of future products.

Applications for the future

The Product Makers dedicates its business to creation and application presenting proactive product concepts. Market research and regional analysis are tools used by our teams to create market leading products. A strong foundation in product development, understanding and utilising cutting edge processes and packaging give you an advantage in presenting your products to the market.

Consumer Lifestyle Drivers

The fuel for consumption and growth is driven by demands for new products in different market demographics and lifestyle. Utilising the market knowledge The Product Makers create products to satisfy demand, whether it be in utilising duel functional ingredients (concentrates with holistic profiles), functional ingredients (vitamin fortification), or natural ingredients (tea and chocolate).

Flavour selection

Combining our senses, consumer needs, focusing on taste and aroma, The Product Makers build a process through sensory training to build your experience in ingredients new and old to select the flavour profile to meet your market demands.

Understanding the market in all regions lead to the development on new micro trends becoming macro trends in other regions.