Nature Ingredient Expertise

nature-ingredient1Flavour ingredients are constantly changing. The Product Makers dedication to review new ingredients capturing nature’s opportunity in supplying specific ingredients that will benefit the flavour enhancement in manufactured products. A forefront of exploring and harnessing the intangible properties of nature and transforming them into beneficial products that consumers can use.

  • The Product Makers offer ingredients that enhance or give the impression of sweeteners.
  • Products that mask to improve the flavour and reduce processing off notes. Masking cooked notes in UHT products (milk, fruit juice and soy based products)
  • Incorporating masking systems in flavours to reduce metallic notes.
  • Functional effects for cooling: Lingering on effect, freshness/cooling, used in beverages https://a...agra-australia/.
  • Warming: Used in alcoholic beverages to create the perception of higher alcohol levels. (Mocktails for alcohol perception)
  • Tingling: Currently under investigation...

The Product Makers offer a range of Tea powder products, enhancing the diffusive and long lasting properties of flavour.
Red Tea
White Tea
Green Tea
Black Tea

The Product Makers offer a new range of extracts and concentrates highlighted with natures extracted natural top notes. The creative blend of the best natural fragrant oils and nature-inspired ingredients that enhance the  aroma of the original fruit or flower.  These flavours have the aroma of the living plants together with the extract of the original oil.