Phytolin and Low GI

According to the Glycemic Index Foundation, the Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates are digested or broken down in the body.

High GI foods will result in rapid spikes and crashes in blood glucose levels, both of which can cause health issues.
Measured consumption of Low GI foods or carbohydrates (with exercise) is essential for the control of diabetes, reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing cholesterol levels. They provide longer lasting energy and satisfy hunger for longer.
A Low GI diet will increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It forms part of a healthy diet, helping to lower and control weight, and leading to greater physical endurance and a general increase in your feeling of wellbeing.

Added to a high GI food, Phytolin™ will lower its GI level by slowing the rate of absorption of glucose into the blood stream.
Added to sugar it will result in a GI of less than 55.

Refined white sugar is 68-70.