phytolin-pic1Welcome to the world of Phytolin™, the latest novel Australian initiative by The Product Makers, changing the boundaries of healthy eating and living.

Phytolin™ is a natural plant extract from Saccharum officinarum (SugarCane).
Phytolin™ is a light straw to dark golden coloured liquid, offering a sweet non-astringent flavour with slight treacle notes.
As Phytolin™ is derived from all-natural sources, it is a ‘clean label’ ingredient. Phytolin™ is free from particulate or fibrous matter as processed through our unique in-house extraction facility.

Forward thinking innovation

Phytolin™ brings a fresh new impetus to product development, the reassurance that this natural ingredient can be specifically added into a wide spectrum of foods & beverages and comfortably achieve manufacturers’ exact taste targets.
You can rest assured that your original recipe will still remain a favourite amongst your consumers, but now with the healthy-living benefits of Phytolin™.

Phytolin™ is packed full of goodness.

Phytolin™ is the ultimate natural flexible ingredient that is rich in numerous active compounds and minerals already known to be good for you.

By adding Phytolin™ into your product you not only add a natural ingredient, but also dramatically upgrade the health benefits of your product.
Phytolin™ will reduce the GI level of your foods or beverages, while significantly enriching their antioxidant content.

In addition, Phytolin™ can also be positioned to deliver mineral specific claims to your products, such as high Magnesium or Potassium.
To accentuate the ingredient benefits further, Phytolin™ is naturally high in polyphenols.

Polyphenols in general provide key health benefits in reducing obesity, combating and helping to prevent the onset of Type II diabetes, controlling blood glucose homeostasis, reducing blood cholesterol, assisting in weight control and loss (by reducing the formation of fat tissue), improving blood vessel dilation, enhancing blood flow and providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Phytolin™ is a true natural, cutting edge, healthy living ingredient. Our Phytolin™ experts have the skill and ability to carefully select the specific Phytolin™ benefits suitable for your brand, and tailor a unique product for you.