LoGiCane™ Low GI Sugar

LoGiCane™ is the world’s first all-natural low glycemic index (GI) cane sugar. A wholly Australian innovation, LoGiCane™ has the same sweetness and physical functionality as white sugar, but a significantly lower GI.

Independently tested by the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service, LoGiCane™ has low GI of 50, as compared to white sugar which has a medium GI of 68-70.

LoGiCane™ is a natural, wholesome product made from sugarcane. LoGiCane™ retains more of the natural  polyphenols, organic acids and minerals from sugarcane. It contains no chemical additives and has not been genetically modified. LoGiCane™ can be fully substituted for regular white sugar.

It was discovered that an enormous amount of valuable phytochemicals (antioxidants) were being discarded during the sugar refining process.

The scientists identified the ingredient as being a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols (a type of phytochemical). Further research lead them to discover that by using a new membrane filtration technology, they could naturally extract the identified antioxidant polyphenols and retain them in just the right amount to consistently produce a low GI sugar.

Current sugar production virtually strips all the goodness from the cane billets and directs them into the waste streams (traditional refining of raw sugar removes all bio-active phytochemicals) https://....a-100mg/. The retention of the right antioxidant phytochemicals in the sugar reduces the amount of glucose absorption. Ironically, these benefits are achieved from a process that involves less refinement of the product that current method.

Modern agricultural practices and sugar refining have been reported to generally reduce most of the phytochemicals, minerals and polyphenols.  For this reason some nutritionists suggest refined sugar is a ‘hallow nutrient’. If increasing dietary consumption of polyphenols can reduce risk of serious chronic diseases, it seems obvious that retention of these valuable compounds in sugar should be encouraged.

Development of LoGiCane™, has enabled it to become a commercial reality that has the potential to benefit public health.  LoGiCane™ is now available from leading food retails.

LoGiCane™ supports the National Health and Medical Research Councils’ Australian Guidelines, where added sugars are advised to be eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

We are excited and proud of the world’s first all-natural low GI cane sugar that will provide Australians with a healthier, low GI choice in the sugar category.